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Illinois National Organization of Minority Architects
Overton Elementary School
Phoenix Farms Hive Inspection 
Wright Plus Housewalk

Project Pipeline I-NOMA (Illinois National Organization of Minority Architects)

Project Pipeline is an architecture summer camp hosted by the Illinois Chapter of National Organization of Minority Architects (I-NOMA) that empowers local youth to affect change in their community through design. Students are exposed to architecture, planning, and challenging design issues at different scales in their own city. The collaborative process allows students to connect concepts through diagramming, model-building and site visits. 

Climate and Cultural Resilience Map - Overton Elementary School

Using public art as a platform to raise awareness of urban flooding and stormwater management in Chicago, the initiative uses a large-scale public mural to visualize the city’s flooding percentages among neighborhoods.

Phoenix Farms Hive Inspection

Local gardeners of Kumunda Community Garden, neighborhood residents of Woodlawn and local beekeeping enthusiasts joined Phoenix Farm’s weekly hive inspection on the grounds of First Presbyterian Church. Beekeeper Marek points out signs of healthy honey production and population control. Participants wore full beekeeping suits as they smoked out the beest and managed the excess drone larvae population, wihch is detrimental for the hive as they prepare for the colder months. 

Wright Plus Housewalk

Frank Lloyd Wright Trust’s Annual Housewalk features stunning private residences and historical homes that are open to the public. Patrons are able to hop on and off the trolly in an all-day event to visit featured sites and enjoy architectural history in Oak Park, Illinois.